Live Cycling Manager is a cycling manager game that mixes the dynamics of a classic resource management game with and online game experience, accompanied with key-event actions in stunning 3D environments. The game has dozens of settings and attributes to manage, this will deliver realism and a difficulty point that will make the delights of the genre fans, but will be perfect to hook people new to this kind of games.

As videogame lovers and cycling fans too, we felt that there was a void around this sport in the videogame offer, so we had the idea of creating a game to fill that gap. With this idea in mind, we concluded that the best game genre would be the one in which we would be able to manage every aspect of our team, so we finally decided for a resource management game, but we needed something that would make it shine, so we made it in real-time and online.


•    Real-time races with event actions in 3D.
•    Take total control over your team.
•    Customize the look of your team, Maillot, colors...
•    Manage your pro riders and train your sub-23 teams.
•    Use your scouts to look for junior cyclists.
•    Analize and compare cyclists attributes.
•    Manage your staff team (trainers, medics...).
•    Personal training sessions to improve attributes.
•    Group trainings all over the world.
•    Cyclist auctions in real-time, fight with other managers for the star-riders
•    Manage the merchandising of your club
•    Select and develop the materials for your races
•    Sign contracts with sponsors to get the money you need
•    Negotiate and book the races you will attend to
•    Manage the finances of the club
•    Bring your club to the top!

For more information visit our website LIVECYCLINGMANAGER!

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